Figeac is situated at about a 40 minute ride from the campsite, and is one of the most beautiful towns of the Lot, with many medieval houses and palaces. It's the birthplace of Champollion, who decoded the hieroglyphs of the Rosetta stone.
On Saturday you can enjoy the local market with its mediterranean perfumes and colors.

The Lot

The Lot deparment is situated in the Midi-Pyrénées in South-East France.

The limestone plateaus (Causses) are cut through by large river gorges such as the Lot, the Dordogne or the Célé. The Causses contain many caves, some of which with parietal art, like the Pech Merle cave.
The parietal paintings, Celtic sepulchral monuments, medieval towns, monastries and castles are all evidences of a long human presence in the Lot.

Nowadays you can enjoy the beautiful nature, peace and space, visit the typical markets and fleemarkets, and taste the local products.